Depar was established in 1980.Since 1992, it has been serving in the factory located in Istanbul.A group of more than 350 professionals work together in Depar, sharing a corporate culture which is focused on the customer, on offering quality fashion and on sustainable business development. This culture is based on Depar's values: teamwork, honesty, focus on results, involvement and self-improvement. These values have been part of Depar since it's inception, and have driven its rapid growth. They create an environment based on self-improvement and self-criticism that has allowed the teams to surpass every challenge, and keep pace with Depar's growth and globalisation.DEPAR produces 7000 pairs of production per day with different conditions in a modern 5 line production capacity with surface area of 15.000 m² and total built area of 20.000 m² which is located in istanbul. All of our products are 100% made in Turkey.


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